Family Directed Housing and Services

The Consortium

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The least restrictive residential option is family-directed housing which often comes in the form of a consortium. Since the philosophy of housing rights has evolved, and those with intellectual disabilities now have the opportunity for more choice and control over their lives, families like those of Annie, Terrie, and Luanne’s , can pool resources to purchase homes for their children.

In a consortium, individuals may work with their families to choose where they live, who they live with, and take a greater role in the daily decision making in their own lives. Families provide the care and/or manage any necessary residential services.

How It Works

The model for the consortium was developed to increase the involvement of parents in funding and managing residential services for their adult children with intellectual disabilities.

The idea was simple. A group of families, called a consortium, would combine their resources to purchase a home and manage the support services for their children. The group would legally incorporate, and be responsible for all other expenses not covered by government funding.

How It Is Funded

Today, many county boards work with families who want to operate a consortium. These families do not receive money from the state, but rather, services are financed by Supported Living or Medicaid Waiver funds. Families also can fund support services personally.

Other Family Directed Housing Options

Besides the original consortium model, families have designed numerous creative ways to develop family directed housing for their children.

  • One family purchases the home and allows other adult children with intellectual disabilities to rent rooms.
  • A group of families purchase “units” together in a building and operate it like a condominium.
  • A family self-funds the purchase of a home.
  • Families join with nonprofits or foundations to tap into government programs for housing and support services.

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