Working Alone or with a Group of Families

Once you’ve decided that your child should live in a family-directed home, the first decision is whether to work alone or with other families.

Read through the pros and cons of each option then take the quiz to help you decide which is best for your family.

Working Alone Working with Other Families


  • Autonomy in designing the home
  • Fewer compromises
  • Quicker problem resolution


  • Greater financial investment
  • Less stable environment if renting from an owner*
  • Less choice of housemates (who will be selected from the top of the county board waiting list)

*The owner(s) of a home could sell the home or ask your child to leave, though there are some consortium by-laws to prevent some of this risk.


  • More financial resources
  • More available housing/support options
  • A built-in community of support
  • Shared responsibilities
  • More stable environment


  • More negotiation/compromises
  • Longer project development time
  • Greater potential for conflicts

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